Holding workshop for Rural women\'s wisdom Fund in Bandar Abbas

In the city of Bandar Abbas  are 32 the wisdom Fund with 620 people active members.

The head of promotes  agriculture Jihad of Bandar Abbas, said: in order to promote the knowledge of rural women Microfinance Fund members a training course attended by 200 members of the Fund are held in Bandar Abbas.

Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Ms nasehi added: the promotion of rural women's knowledge, marketing practices, the promotion of social skills and practices in the production of the most important goals of this workshop.

She said: major activities of rural women in this area in the city of Bandar Abbas and in  shamil, ghaleh ghazi, Fin, ISIN and  maroon villages.

Mrs nasehi said: Each Fund has created jobs for 50 people, and Major activities of the members are poultry, animal husbandry, Zari weaving and handicrafts.

He said: each Member of the Fund for rural women of wisdom 10 thousand  monthly membership fee pays that after 6 months the Fund members can use the facilities of the Fund up to 15 million tomans.

Mrs nasehi added: with proper planning should platform to selling products of rural women   in different markets.