The cultivation of Canola for the first time by Bastak farmers

Promote the economic strains with low water requirements, the most important agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan applications.

Agriculture Director of  Bastak County, said: farmers in this area for the first time in the 60-acre canola started can be anticipated from this level 150 tons of the product harvested.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr.Khorshidi: The cultivation will do by the bar type and for the production used of the high quality seed.

He said; supply the country needed of oil seeds and economic of the agricultural sections are the most important goals for development of canola cultivation in this area.

Mr. Khorshidi: Low water resistance, resistance against the cold, salty water resistance are being the most important economic benefits of canola cultivation.

He added: in addition to the preparation of canola oil, meal can also be used as animal feed.

Mr. Khorshidi added: the cultivation season of canola in this area will begin in the month of October.