The white cane can guarantee of the blind persons \' health 2017/10/16   October 15 or 23 Mehr as the international day of the white cane named.  (In leap years October 15 coincide with 24 Mehr) Public relations manager of jihad agricultural organization of Hormozgan said: the white cane day is a good opportunity to more attention the social rights of the blind persons. According to the information and public relations news unit of agriculture  organization of Hormozgan, mr.Bongah added: Mr. Mehdi Motavali is blind employee but powerful of agricultural organization in the province. He said: the purpose of the white cane law is blind persons also a member of civilized society and have social rights and should pay more attention to his civilized society rather than pity and Mr. Motavali in agricultural Jihad organization in addition to the cultural activities in the field of telecommunication work and has beautiful sound to say Azan and the Koran and pray are as maintain reading. Mr. Bongah added: if the blind persons in appearance do not see but intelligent and the sense of touch are high that these features make them closer to God.  

Holding training workshop \\ 2017/10/15   "Management training is one of the most important program of agricultural Jihad organization of  Hormozgan.

Start cultivation of tomato by Ghaleh ghazi farmers 2017/10/15 Ghaleh ghazi due to having fertile lands,to be able to produce tomato.

Start cultivation of tomato in Badar khamir 2017/10/15 Badar khamir have superior rank of tomato production in the province.

Veterinary Clinic can plays an important role to develop of the villages 2017/10/14 One of the needs of the villagers access to services and facilities of the veterinary clinics.

Start cultivation of Capsicum by Ghaleh ghazi farmers 2017/10/14 Ghaleh ghazi due to having fertile lands,to be able to produce Capsicum.

Warning of the crops maintaining unit of agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan about control of Canola\' weed 2017/10/14 Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, in line with the supply of country's oil'need and economically the agriculture sector and development cultivation of canola is on the agenda.

Holding workshop for Rural women\'s wisdom Fund in Bandar Abbas 2017/10/10 In the city of Bandar Abbas  are 32 the wisdom Fund with 620 people active members. The head of promotes  agriculture Jihad of Bandar Abbas, said: in order to promote the knowledge of rural women Microfinance Fund members a training course attended by 200 members of the Fund are held in Bandar Abbas. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Ms nasehi added: the promotion of rural women's knowledge, marketing practices, the promotion of social skills and practices in the production of the most important goals of this workshop. She said: major activities of rural women in this area in the city of Bandar Abbas and in  shamil, ghaleh ghazi, Fin, ISIN and  maroon villages. Mrs nasehi said: Each Fund has created jobs for 50 people, and Major activities of the members are poultry, animal husbandry, Zari weaving and handicrafts. He said: each Member of the Fund for rural women of wisdom 10 thousand  monthly membership fee pays that after 6 months the Fund members can use the facilities of the Fund up to 15 million tomans. Mrs nasehi added: with proper planning should platform to selling products of rural women   in different markets.

Agriculture Organization have superior ranking in promoting prayer 2017/10/10   Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan prepare 450-page program to promote prayer. Responsible for the scope of the representative of velayat-e Faqih in Hormozgan agricultural organization said, according to the assessment made of the Executive devices, agricultural Jihad organization of the 95 score 100 points, and that's why the top rank awarded to promote the Organization's prayer. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Hojjatoleslam fakhraee added: the most important objectives of the uprising in Karbala was establishment of the prayer and Imam Hussain (a.s.) at noon on Ashura, despite the war was prayer. And this shows the importance of prayer. He said: I recommend that encourage to your family do on time prayer. Hojjatoleslam fakhraee continued: agricultural Jihad Ministry in line with service to the mourning of Imam Hussein (a.s.) has decided set up the position  in Karbala that for the preparation of required items need to collaboration of the faithful people. He added: on the Fortieth day ,agricultural Jihad organization have cultural and religious programs.

The cultivation of Canola for the first time by Bastak farmers 2017/10/10 Promote the economic strains with low water requirements, the most important agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan applications. Agriculture Director of  Bastak County, said: farmers in this area for the first time in the 60-acre canola started can be anticipated from this level 150 tons of the product harvested. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr.Khorshidi: The cultivation will do by the bar type and for the production used of the high quality seed. He said; supply the country needed of oil seeds and economic of the agricultural sections are the most important goals for development of canola cultivation in this area. Mr. Khorshidi: Low water resistance, resistance against the cold, salty water resistance are being the most important economic benefits of canola cultivation. He added: in addition to the preparation of canola oil, meal can also be used as animal feed. Mr. Khorshidi added: the cultivation season of canola in this area will begin in the month of October.